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Official photos moving to digital-only availability

By Rob Schuette, Triad Staff

Effective immediately, hard (printed) copies of official military photographs will not be provided to most Soldiers who have those pictures taken by the Fort McCoy Training Support Section (TSS) Photo Section.

Details of the reasons for the change can be found in Military Personnel Message 05-206: Procedural Changes for Official Military Photographs.

Photo: Allan Harding, TSS photographer, helps a Soldier prepare to have his official photograph taken digitally at Fort McCoy. (File photo)

Allan Harding, TSS photographer, helps a Soldier prepare to have his official photograph taken digitally at Fort McCoy. (File photo)

Bob Zinsmeister, Fort McCoy Directorate of Planning, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS), Training Support manager and Visual Information officer, said the change was made because most Army Reserve and Army National Guard organizations use the Department of the Army Photograph Management Information System (DAPMIS). DAPMIS uses digital files of photographs to support an automated board process.

If a particular organization doesnít have access to DAPMIS, hard-copy photos can be printed in conjunction with the DAPMIS process, he said.

These organizations include Army Reserve and Army National Guard Soldiers who fall under the jurisdiction of state adjutants general or troop program unit commanders.

"Since we no longer need to do this, we no longer will provide it unless the organization does not have access to the DAPMIS service," Zinsmeister said. "AR (Army Regulation) 640-30 specifies when personnel need to have official photos taken."

Karen Birkeness, DPTMS Supervisory Visual Information specialist, said official military photographs are taken on a walk-in basis at the TSS from 9 a.m.-11 a.m. and noon -3 p.m. Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays in building 2113. Changing rooms are available. For more information, call TSS at (608) 388-2423.

"If someone needs to have a printed copy made for a board, itís best they have documentation," Birkeness said.

Personnel who cannot make it on standard days can call (608) 388-4520 to arrange a special appointment to have an official photograph taken.

AR-640 specifies the frequency of having official photos taken, including requiring them for new brigadier generals, first lieutenants, chief warrant officers 2, command sergeants major and staff sergeants. Other personnel authorized new official photos include those who have experienced a significant weight change, such as a weight loss, Zinsmeister said.

Personnel requiring official photos must wear Class-A uniforms, he said. No exceptions will be made to allow of the wear of any other military uniform or civilian clothes for this purpose. Soldiers should check AR 670-1 to ensure the correct wearing/display of authorized permanent accessories, decorations and insignia, he said.

"Personnel still will see their photos under the process and will be able to approve it before it is forwarded," he said.

Soldiers can click the Web site https://vifp.afis.osd.mil to find the nearest authorized military photographical facility and select the map.

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