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True equality not reached yet 

      True equality has not yet been achieved in the opinion of Pamela Staszak, guest speaker at the Women's Equality Day Observance Aug. 27.

      "I understand there must be a balance on the scale, a give and take, but I believe that the dilemma of motherhood continues to be a stopgap for women's rights across the board, " said Staszak. 

Photo of Pamela Staszak addresses the Women's Equality Day Observance audience.

Pamela Staszak addresses the Women's Equality Day Observance audience. Staszak drew from her personal experiences and research to talk about equality. (Photo by Donald Boyea)

     Staszak, an educator and spouse of the installation commander, reflected on the challenges that a career, marriage, motherhood and being a military family member present to a woman.

      Staszak related some of her experiences as a geographically single parent to show the impact of the military on a spouse's life. These experiences made her "see that not only mothering, but also the military are dimensions that I have to take and to expect as I live my life."

      She drew from researched facts and figures as well as personal experience to demonstrate the undervaluation of primary caregivers of children.

      Staszak cited statistics that indicate economic disparities exist between men and women because, among other factors, women take time off to be a parent and choose lower paying jobs such as teaching and social work.

      Staszak noted that this lack of value placed on parenting deprives not only women, but also men of equality.

      "By not addressing the time spent in a caring and nurturing role, " Staszak said, "we limit not only the recognition of the full potential of women who primarily take these roles. We also limit males from truly experiencing the full force of their nurturing. " 

      The Fort McCoy Equal Employment Opportunity and Equal Opportunity offices sponsored the Women's Equality Day Observance.

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