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Design approved for the Welcome Center

      Award funds that Fort McCoy received in the Army Communities of Excellence competition for fiscal year 2000 will be used to construct a new Welcome Center facility near the new Main Gate entrance.

      David Gundlach, chief of the Directorate of Support Services Engineering Division, said the facility design was approved at an Aug. 22 meeting between representatives from the installation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The next step is to provide project specifications to several contractors to obtain bids.  Construction tentatively is scheduled to begin in spring 2003, Gundlach said.

"It will provide one-stop shopping for personnel needing information."

David Gundlach,
Directorate of
Support Services


     The facility is designed to complement the appearance of the new Main Gate, Gundlach said. The facility will include a lobby, with tile-type flooring, office areas and large restroom facilities to serve the customers coming through the Main Gate.

      "Billeting will be the main office in the facility," Gundlach said. "The facility will be open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. It will provide one-stop shopping for personnel needing information."

      Having the billeting services and information in one place will reduce travel time and increase training time for military personnel and units, Gundlach said.

      The facility will be located away from the railroad tracks so it will reduce any conflicts with rail movements, he said.

      Vehicle pass and guardhouse facilities also are scheduled to be located in the area. Gundlach said the new Welcome Center is part of the installation's Master Plan. The design will meet force protection and security standards for the installation's main entrance, he said.

      The Welcome Center facility is designed to be approximately 4,225 square feet (65 feet X 65 feet) and have a large parking lot. The roof will be constructed of metal.

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