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New courtyard to enhance McCoy's

      With space at a premium at McCoy's, the construction of a new courtyard addition will bring more leisure options and better customer-service opportunities, said Daryl Budda.

      Budda, who serves as the chief of the Business Activities for the Fort McCoy Directorate of Community Activities, said the project began in May and will be completed in November.  The project, which is being constructed under the guidelines of the Capital Purchase Minor Construction program, is being funded through nonappropriated funds generated by the Morale, Welfare and Recreation program at Fort McCoy.

Photo of employees from Metco of Hillsboro working on placing brick at the new courtyard addition to McCo

Employees from Metco of Hillsboro work on placing brick at the new courtyard addition to McCoy's. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

      The planning for the courtyard began about three years ago, Budda said. The 8,000-square-foot addition will include a concrete-paved area connecting the existing courtyard with planters, steps and ramp, as well as three pavilions, lighting, tables and chairs.

      "The money (generated from profits from the business programs) from the MWR program is being put back into the community through the courtyard project to improve the quality of life," Budda said.

      The courtyard addition will serve several purposes, Budda said.

      First, it provides additional space and  leisure opportunities. The additional space should cut down lines for the club during its busy spring/summer season and provide more room and options for nighttime activities.

      Second, the area will provide an additional venue for catering and will include an area for a full-service bar. In addition, the area will be used to help McCoy's meet the President's Executive Order 13058 to protect patrons and the public in the federal workplace from tobacco smoke, Budda said.  In 1999, the secretary of defense granted a three-year phase-in period for all Department of Defense food and beverage and bowling operations to be smoke-free by Dec. 7, 2002.

      Smoking will be allowed in the courtyard. During inclement weather, several strategically located heat lamps (infrared heating sources) will provide a heated area, with the pavilion used to house the bar providing a shelter, as necessary.

      The pavilion shelters can be used for a variety of purposes, such as supporting the addition of catering lines or providing additional seating.

      "The new courtyard will accommodate 200 to 450 people and give us multiple opportunities to meet customer requirements," Budda said. "People can go out and enjoy outdoor dining and entertainment opportunities, whenever the weather is nice."

      Among the increased entertainment opportunities are additional outdoor space and seating to support such events as banquets, parties or weddings. Budda said the courtyard also will provide club patrons with more musical listening opportunities.  Some examples might be having one type of music inside and another type of music outside, or perhaps having a live band outside - such as the Concert in the Park event - to meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

      Don Warnke, Directorate of Support Services project manager, said the new courtyard is being built by Metco of Hillsboro and will be connected to McCoy's by fences and gates. Entrance to the area only will be available through McCoy's.

      The exterior design will include brick and concrete to match the existing structure, decorative iron fencing, and trellises with overhanging vines to give the area a garden-type of look.  The courtyard project is located to the south side of McCoy's.  McCoy's, which opened in April 1997, has 25,750 square feet and includes a bowling center, full-service bar, Primo's Express food service, a golf simulation center, a vending arcade, large-screen televisions and disc jockey equipment.

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