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DSS director receives 2002  Excellence Through Diversity Award

   The director of Fort McCoy's Directorate of Support Services (DSS) was selected as the 2002 recipient of the Excellence through Diversity Award.

      Darrell Neitzel received the award Aug. 27 as part of the Women's Equality Day Observance. Installation Deputy Commander Lt. Col. Mark R. Greenwood presented the award.

Photo of Darrell Neitzel (right) accepting the Excellence through Diversity Award from Lt. Col. Mark R. Greenwood.

Darrell Neitzel (right) accepts the Excellence through Diversity Award from Lt. Col. Mark R. Greenwood. (Photo by Donald Boyea)

      "The recipient is known as a person who shows respect, treats people as they should be treated, and has the integrity to do what's right, legally and morally," Greenwood said.

      Neitzel provides all DSS workers with the opportunities and training to perform their jobs well, said Greenwood.

      "This recipient models commitment to excellence and diversity by sharing his expectation that all positions in the directorate are filled by the best qualified, without regard for gender or race."

      Greenwood also cited Neitzel's choice of women for nontraditional wage-grade and supervisory positions as reasons for receiving the award.

      Neitzel expressed gratitude for the award.

      "It certainly is an honor," Neitzel said. 

      Neitzel reflected on the changes that have occurred at Fort McCoy since he started here in the early 1970s.

      "I can remember when I first started that women did not play nearly the role that they do today," said Neitzel,  "I'm glad to see that they're (women) getting into all those career fields and are really breaking that glass ceiling."

      The award, first called the Federal Women's Program Outstanding Achievement Award, originated in 1985 and is open to military and civilian members of the Fort McCoy work force.

      Nominees are evaluated on efforts to improve the status of women and/or minorities through career fields, personal life or community activities.

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