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Active-duty Soldiers now can view records online

      ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Army News Service) -- Soldiers now can review their personnel information on the Web in a one-page Enlisted Records Brief.

      Official photographs were added last month to the online Officer Records Briefs, which first became available on the Web in June. The ERBs went online in December.

      MyERB and MyORB now are both on the U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) homepage at https://www.hrc.army.mil. Just click on the "Active" link at bottom right. Then the MyORB and MyERB links can be found in the left chimney.

      The Web-based solution enables active-duty Soldiers to prepare for promotions by reviewing their records summary via the Internet, HRC officials said.

      Army Reserve Soldiers and officers can review some of their personnel information via the My2Xcitizen portal. Both the HRC and  Reserve portals require Army Knowledge Online accounts and passwords.

      "We believe that Soldiers' access to their personnel information is the best it's ever been with the ERB going online," said Col. Reuben Jones, commander of the Enlisted Records and Evaluation Center.

      "If Soldiers need to make changes they should still contact their S-1,"   Jones said. "Once changes are made in eMILPO, Soldiers should see corrections to their ERB within 24 to 48 hours."

      The ERB virtually replaces two forms - the old three-page ERB and the four-page DA Form 2-1 for enlisted personnel, officials said.

      They added  that the new ERB is now available for viewing 24/7 on the EREC homepage. Similar to the ORB, the ERB contains personnel information used to manage professional development, assignments, and promotions such as civilian and military education, awards and decorations, special  skill, and individual qualifications. Both documents are updated from the data stored in eMILPO.

      Currently, only the ORB includes a photo. The ERB will incorporate enlisted official photographs from the Department of the Army Photo Management Information System, known as DAPMIS, in a couple of months,  officials said. The ORB site has had about 25,000 "hits" since Dec. 18 when the photos  were added.

     "It is important that everyone ensures personnel information is accurate and updated," said Brig. Gen. Rhett Hernandez, director of Officer Personnel, HRC. "MyORB with the photo is another step toward that end state."  

(Editor's note: Shannon Brown, chief of the HRC Information Management Branch and Sgt. Maj. Deborah Seimer, the EREC sergeant major in Indianapolis, Ind., contributed to this story.)

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