Fort McCoy Suspicious Activity Report

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Report Suspicious Activity to the Installation Police 608.388.2000

Date of Suspicious Activity:
Reporting Individual / Organization:
Location of Incident:
Please provide your contact information so we may obtain additional information if necessary.
Phone:   Email:

Please check all that apply:

Suspicious Surveillance Activity (taking photos of important buildings/access control points, drawing diagrams etc. Suspicious Activity relating to Transportation (Airports, Rail, Trucking & Busing).
Lost or Stolen Documents, Uniforms, IDs and documents. Suspicious Acquisition of Materials (i.e. cell phones, pagers, fuel, timers, chemicals)
Criminal Intelligence (Gang/Drugs). Suspicious Internet Postings, Blogs etc.
Vehicle/Equipment Thefts/Missing or Stolen Vehicle Registration or Plates. Suspected Terrorist/Anti-Gov Activity
Unauthorized entry or attempted entry into restricted area. Suspicious questioning about DOD Structures, functions, personnel, or procedures in person or on telephone.
Misusing or presenting false insignia, documents and identification cards. Testing of Security; challenges to DOD facilities.
Weapons & Explosives Discovery. Sabotage, Tampering and/or Vandalism of Government facilities.

Please provide a brief summary (Who, What, When, Where or Why you feel that it is suspicious)