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McCoy News (November 10, 2006)            Army News                               DoD News    

Training: FOB tactics added to Warrior Leadership Course.  (See story, photos; additional photos)

Mobilization: Leadership Training Program presented to senior Soldiers. (See story, photo.)

Award: Iraqi instructor honored for mobilization support.  (See story, photo.

Army Community Service: Army Family Action Plan addresses 12 Fort McCoy community quality-of-life issues.  (See story, photo.

Youth: Leadership Forum popular with participants.  (See story, photos.

Safety: Winter weather brings challenges for outdoor activities.  (See story, photo.

Applications for commissary scholarships being accepted.  (See story.

Photo: The Battelle company uses a specially designed helicopter to perform an aerial magnetic survey for UXO detection. (Photo by Michael Mickelson)

Badger Drop Zone unexploded ordnance survey conducted

Biological and Cultural Resources Team personnel at Fort McCoy have contracted with a commercial firm to conduct an airborne wide area assessment unexploded ordnance survey of the Badger Drop Zone area to help determine if there are any areas of concern. (See story, photo.)

Armywide News: IMCOM activated Oct. 24 to improve Soldier support.  (See story.)

New IMCOM-West activated Nov. 1. (See story.

Information Management: New Information Assurance courses offered.  (See story.)

Army converting security course to hands-on. (See story.

About Post: Packers visit ChalleNGe Academy; Fire prevention; and Earth Science class. (See photos.)

        Severe Weather Work Force Announcements

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