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McCoy News (Oct. 26, 2001)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Army Communities of Excellence: Fort McCoy recognized as top Army Reserve community for second consecutive year. (See story.)

AFAP process addresses issues: Subject matter experts research and address four issues. (See story.)

Mobilization continues: More than 1,700 Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers called to active duty. (See story.)

6015th MPs: Reservists serving at McCoy as part of presidential call-up. (See story.)

Vehicle Safety Video: TACOM films HEMTT safety video at MATES, Fort McCoy. (See story, photos.)

FEHB: Open season for federal employees begins Nov. 12. (See story.)

Power of attorney: Grant power of attorney carefully, caution legal experts. (See story.)

NCO evaluations:  Revised report to rate noncommissioned officers on Army values. (See story.)

Military retirement pay: Retirees can opt to end Wisconsin state income tax withholding. (See story.)

Life insurance for military families: SGLI life insurance for family members begins Nov. 1. (See story.)

Members of an NCO Academy Primary Leadership Development Course participate in a field training exercise at Fort McCoy. (File Photo.)

FY 2001 training totals top 145,000 

Fort McCoy records another banner year of training in fiscal year (FY) 2001, surpassing the 145, 000 mark for the second consecutive year. Above, members of an NCO Academy Primary Leadership Development Course participate in a field training exercise at Fort McCoy. (See story, photo.)

ARRTC computer course: The Army Reserve Readiness Training Center will offer a new Computer Network Defense Course beginning Oct. 26. (See story.)

RTS-Medical appoints new director: Col. Kenneth L. Shields assumed duties Oct. 1. (See story, photo.)

New Installation Chaplain: Lt. Col. Larry W. Biederman assumed duties as McCoy chaplain Oct. 1. (See story, photo.)

Scholarship program: Defense Commissary Agency scholarship program begins Nov. 1. (See story, photo.)

Safety class: OSHA class for first-line supervisors teaches safety basics. (See photos.)

Central Standard Time returns Oct. 28 

Personnel at Fort McCoy and in the Central time zone area are reminded to turn clocks back one hour as the area goes from Central Daylight Time to Central Standard Time. Central Standard Time begins at 2 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 28. The Fort McCoy Fire Department also recommends it is a good time to check and/or change batteries in smoke detectors.

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