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McCoy News (Oct. 22, 2004)                      Army News                               DoD News    

FY 04 training utilization: Total nears 130,000 mark at Fort McCoy. (See story, photo.)

Mobilization: Volk Field departure, Cargo loading, Confidence Course. (See  photos.)

2nd, 85th (TS): Unit supports hurricane relief effort. (See story.)

Environment: Whitetail Ridge pond supports WDNR fish stocking. (See story, photo.

Re-Use-It Store: Customers benefit from using material from store.  (See story, photo.)

Legal: Military Justice system handles Soldier misconduct. (See story.)

Faith: Chaplains provide needed service to Soldiers, families. (See story, photos.)

About Post: Installation run, Sidewalk construction, Green Bay Packers visit, Housekeeping competition. (See photos.

CIF staff member Gary Althoff (left) watches as a National Guard Soldier from the 617th Military Police Company of richmond, KY., tries on an outer tactical vest. (Photo by Karin Mast)

Central Issue Facility renovation work benefits Soldiers, staff 

The recently completed renovation of Fort McCoy's Central Issue Facility will benefit both mobilizing Soldiers and the staff. The CIF, which issues Soldiers military clothing and related personal equipment and accessories for deployment, began renovations in mid-July in order to increase efficiency and to provide a better service to mobilizing Soldiers. (See story, photo.)

People: McCoy BOSS Program wraps up successful year. (See story, photo.) BOSS celebrates 15th anniversary during annual conference. (See story.)

Armywide News: More fixes to Reserve pay issues on the way. (See story.) Commissary reports customers using internet coupons. (See story.)

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