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McCoy News (October 13, 2006)                 Army News                               DoD News    

Mobilization: Combat medics complete pre-deployment training.  (See photo feature.

Safety: Unexploded ordnance poses potential dangers.  (See story, photo.

Health: Troop Medical Clinic goal -- Timely, quality treatment.  (See story, photo.

Politics: Political activities restricted for members of federal work force.  (See story.

Voting: Voter assistance available at McCoy.  (See story.

People: Strong Bonds retreat deals with deployment stresses.  (See story, photos.

Leisure: U.S. Army Soldier Show at McCoy Oct. 13-14. (See story.)

Benefits: FEHBP Annual Health Benefits Fair Oct. 26.  (See story.



Photo: More than 107,000 personnel, including combat medics from the New York Army National Guard (above), trained at Fort McCoy in FY 2006. (Photo by Lou Ann M. Mittelstaedt)

FY 2006 training totals surpass 107,000 personnel

Fort McCoy registered more than 5,000 additional personnel training at the installation during fiscal year 2006 (FY 2006) compared to FY 2005 totals, according to statistics complied by the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS). This was the 22nd consecutive year the installation has trained more than 100,000 personnel. (See story, photo.)

Youth: Nearly 300 participate in Fort McCoy Day for Kids.  (See story, photos.

About Post: Fire suppression; Physical fitness; Rappel training and Public Safety Center.  (See photos.

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