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McCoy News (Sept. 13, 2002)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Installation management: Initiatives to bring significant changes to installation management and  command and control. (See story, photo.)

Welcome Center: Design for new facility approved. (See story.)

New DCA director: Michael Lupacchino begins second tour at McCoy. (See story, photo.)

Deer management:   Control efforts focused on Airport. (See story.)

Research project: Artificial bat houses established at Fort McCoy. (See story, photos.)

Women's Equality Day: True equality not reached yet between sexes. (See story, photo.)

Excellence Through Diversity: DSS director receives 2002 award. (See story, photo.)

Reader's Forum: Visit sparks pride, memories. (See story.)

About Post: Pictures form around Fort McCoy. (See photos.)

Photo of employees from Metco of Hillsboro working on placing brick at the new courtyard addition to McCo

New courtyard to enhance McCoy's

The construction of a new, 8,000-square-foot courtyard addition at McCoy's will bring more leisure options and bring better customer service opportunities. Above, employees from Metco of Hillsboro work on placing brick at the new courtyard addition to McCoy's. (See story, photo.)

Cantonment 60th anniversary: Fort McCoy marks 60th anniversary. (See story, photos.)

CSM of Army Reserve: First woman selected as Command Sergeant Major of Army Reserve. (See story, photo.)

Warrant officer study: ATLDP  study recommends 63 changes for warrant officers. (See story.)

Thrift Savings Plan: TSP postpones new record keeping section. (See story.)

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