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McCoy News (Aug. 27, 2004)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Diamond Saber: Units participate in finance exercise. (See story, photos.)

Training: Cavalry unit refines air, ground skills. (See story, photo.)

Maintenance:  Cannibalization point supports mission. (See story, photo.)

Community: Child care program gearing up for school year. (See story, photo.)

Mega Machines: The Learning Channel films HETS in action. (See photos.)

Health: West Nile Virus confirmed in mosquito pool on post. (See story.

People:  New McCoy AAFES general manager emphasizes service. (See story, photo.)

Army Family Action Plan: Date for conference changed. (See story.)

Rumpel Fitness Center: Pool, atrium undergoing renovation. (See story.) Fitness class lineup announced. (See story.)

Maintenance Soldiers involved in Operation Platium Wrench learn the proper procedures to perform a stand-up search of personnel. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Operation Platinum Wrench sharpens Soldier's tactical, technical skills

Maintenance units participating in Operation Platinum Wrench at Fort McCoy are getting a balance of technical and tactical training to prepare for future missions. (See story, photos.)

Armywide News: USO distributes care packages. (See story.) Recommendations to change Red Cross program. (See sidebar.) TRICARE has improved Web site. (See story.)

DoD News: Pay raises for military. (See story.) Army eliminates senior-rater profile on company-grade OERS. (See story.) 

Leisure: Army Racing Show Car stops at Fort McCoy. (See photos.) Golf tournament to be held Sept. 10. (See story.)

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