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1999 AFAP conference summary update

Twelve delegates participated in two work groups at Fort McCoy during the 1999 Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) conference. A total of 21 issues were discussed covering children/youth, force support, employment, entitlements, medical, and family support.

Five issues were briefed directly to the installation commander and were tasked to local agencies for further action.

Four of the five issues could not be resolved at the installation level and were forwarded to U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) to be included in their annual FORSCOM AFAP Conference, which was held in May.

The following is an update of those issues:

Issue number FC0050: A lack of understanding of retirement benefits. The issue was combined with Education of Entitlement Benefits and voted priority No. 10 by delegates and briefed out.

Issue number FC0048: TRICARE/dental benefits and provider information needs wider dissemination and explanation. This issue was sent to the Department of the Army and voted priority No. 14 by the delegates.

Issue number FC0049: Many families are not prepared for mobilization. This issue was sent to Department of the Army and given a new title "Family Support for Mobilization." It was voted priority No. 16.

Issue number FC0047: Family members are not allowed to stay in geographic bachelor/single soldier quarters. Returned to installation. Installation specific. Army Regulation 215-1, paragraph 7.5 G, addresses promotional discounts. (Guesthouse vs. adequate public facilities . read regulation and issue.)

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