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Energy Award: McCoy receives a top USAR award in Army-level energy competition. (See story.)

9-11, POW/MIA Day: Sept. 11 event to commemorate the anniversary of terrorist attacks and observe POW/MIA Day. (See story.)

Forestry soldiers: 6015th GSU soldiers sharpen logging, carpentry and masonry skills. (See story, photo.)

Puerto Ricans support Platinum Wrench:  Members of the 276th Maintenance Company provide direct support to OPW. (See story, photo.)

Evaluation training: Members of the 302nd Maintenance Battalion sharpen tactical skills and support Platinum Wrench. (See story, photo.)

DCA employee recognized: Al Brueggen was recently recognized as DA Lodging Supervisor of the Year by CFSC. (See story, photo.)

Soldier Show 2002: McCoy Performance dazzles crowd. (See story, photos.)

An overhead view of the new rock crusher that the 106th Quarry Team will use for future missions.

106th Quarry Team works with 
new rock crusher

Members of the 106th Quarry Team of Ashland, Wis. work with a new rock crushing, screening and washing plant to support Fort McCoy needs and prepare for future missions. Above, an overhead view of the new rock crusher that the 106th Quarry Team will use for those future missions. (See story, photo.)

West Nile Virus: Precautions can help prevent the spread of the mosquito-borne disease. (See story.)

Voting Campaign: Absentee voting program focus of Armed Forces Voters Week, Sept. 1-7. (See story.)

Officer Evaluation Reports: Army refines OER system. (See story.)

Physical fitness: Fitness begins with a personalized plan. (See story.)

About Post: Photos from around Fort McCoy. (See photos.)

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