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McCoy News (Aug. 13, 2004)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Artillery: MLRS unit brings fire power to artillery mission.  (See story, photo.) 

Paladin: Personnel hone firing, movement skills. (See story, photos.

Psychological Operations: Soldiers participate in validation training. (See story, photos.)                           

Command Corner: Why do union reps hold civilian work positions? (See story, sidebar.

Commentary: New moves set stage for stronger, combat-ready U.S. Army force. (See story.)

Community: Rear Detachment and Family Readiness support offered. (See story, photo.

 About Post: Pentagon Channel, NCO Academy graduation, Fishing. (See photos.)

Pine View: A variety of seasonal recreational activities await visitors. (See story, photo.)

Soldiers shop at the new PX Mini Mall after the grand-opening ceremony. (Photo by Allan Harding)

PX Mini Mall hosts grand-opening

A grand-opening ceremony opened the new Post Exchange Mini Mall, building 1538, for business July 29. The Mini Mall complex is three times larger than the old facilities and is the first of its kind of floor plan for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. (See story, photos.)

 Kids Day Carnival: Dinosaurs, castles entertain at Woodridge. (Photos.

Soldier Show: Cast takes 2004 show on road, McCoy visit planned. (See story, sidebar.) 

Armywide News: Army moves up fielding of Future Combat Systems. (See story, photo.) Project DE-STRESS helps treat post-traumatic stress concerns. (See story.)


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