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McCoy News (Aug. 11, 2000)                             Army News                        DoD News  

New radios enhance training for Missouri Guard: Upgraded communications capabilities led to better training coordination.  (See story, photo.)

DEPMEDS protective equipment manual tested:
Soldiers participating in medical training help validate technical manual for setup of Chemically Protected DEPMEDS. (See story, photo.)

New water obstacle for Litter Course:
82-foot trench installed to create regulation water obstacle. (See story, photo.)

McCoy hosts Master Fitness Training Course:
Instructor says the Army physical fitness program is going back to the basics. (See story, photos.)

Triad marks 25 years as post publication: Newspaper marks silver anniversary. (See story.)

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Training Tempo

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Silver Scimitar 2000
More than 1,500 soldiers from various states participated in Silver Scimitar 2000 at Fort McCoy.  The 14-day exercise was the largest multi-echelon, theater-level personnel exercise in the Army, and was designed to test personnel reporting and wartime soldier skills. Above, soldiers participating in Silver Scimitar 2000 move through a scenario during Lane Training.
(See story, photo.)  (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Air Force personnel attend course at Wisconsin Military Academy: Airman Leadership School similar to Army's Primary Leadership Development Course. (See story, photo.)    

Dive team helps remove exotic plants at Sandy Lake: Eradication efforts reduce amount of Eurasian watermilfoil. (See story, photos.)

Female reservists pursues football dream: Capt. Casey Chamberlain participates in Women's Professional Football League. (See story, photos.)

Distance learning can help soldiers complete college: Army to spend $600 million on distance-learning initiative. (See story.)

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