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McCoy News (August 10, 2007)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Training: Aviation support battalion sharpens Soldier skills by training at McCoy. (See story, photos.)

Training Photos:  (See photos.

Process Improvement:    SGO transition moves into last phase.  (See story.

Lean Six Sigma selected for process improvement. (See story.)

Incentives: Army boosts bonuses for enlisting Soldiers.  (See story, art.

Mobilization: IRR personnel recognized at McCoy by unit leadership.  (See story, photo.

Postal unit temporarily relocates here to gain space. (See story.)

Religion: FOBs prioritize scheduling, logistics to support Soldiers' religious choice.  (See story, photos.

Photo: An architectural depiction of the outside of one of the proposed 10 new houses on South Post at Fort McCoy.

10 new housing units approved for South Post

A $4.368 million contract has been awarded to a Wisconsin company to build 10 new homes and perform related infrastructure work on Fort McCoy's South Post. (See story, photo.)

Safety: Course teaches good driving skills.  (See story.

Personnel encouraged  to avoid becoming a UXO statistic. (See story.)

Community:  Motorcycle mentorship program incorporated into BOSS.  (See story, photo.)

Health: Army introduces mandatory PTSD training.  (See story, photo.

Troop Medical Clinic scheduling same-day medical appointments. (See story.)

About Post: Fitness Clinic; Victim Advocate training; USO visit; Patriot Warrior Riders; and Escort duty.  (See photos.

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