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McCoy News (Aug. 9, 2002)                      Army News                               DoD News    

A-76 study final decision: The final decision on the DSS Commercial Activities Study announced. (See story.)

New installation deputy commander: Lt. Col. Mark R. Greenwood begins tour as the McCoy deputy commander. (See story, photo.)

Council of Colonels: DA Institutional Training Council of Colonels meets at McCoy. (See story, photo.)

Small-arms training:  National guard personnel sharpen weapons skills. (See story, photos.)

School Age Services accreditation: McCoy program earns national accreditation. (See story, photo.)

Sandhill cranes: Cranes part of diverse ecological system at Fort McCoy. (See story, photo.)

Sharing the music: Bagpiper shares music with the installation community. (See story, photo.)

Homeland Security: New Cabinet department would create the 'border of the future.' (See story, photo.)

Helping students:  Summit suggests ways to help mobile students. (See story.)

Underage drinking: Underage drinking impacts today's youth, parents. (See story.)

Photo of soldiers participating in Silver Scimitar checking for snipers outside of the Offense/Defense Building at the Fort McCoy Urban Assault Complex.

Silver Scimitar 2002

The 3rd Personnel Command hosted Silver Scimitar 2002, the Army's largest administrative personnel exercise, at Fort McCoy. Soldiers developed and sharpened skills during the July 27 - Aug. 10 exercise.  Above, soldiers participating in Silver Scimitar check for snipers outside of the Offense/Defense Building at the Fort McCoy Urban Assault Complex during the "ramp-up" phase of the exercise. (See Silver Scimitar story, photo; See ramp-up story, photos.)

About Post: Photos from around Fort McCoy. (See photos.)

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