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McCoy News (August 8, 2003)                     Army News                               DoD News    

McCoy wins initial Commercial Activities decision: Approximately 100 civilian DTMS positions involved. (See story.)

AER receives $24,300 contribution: Local "We Support Our Armed Forces" campaign is source. (See story.)

Battle Staff course:  New computers support NCO Academy course. (See photos.)

Target practice: Illinois Army National Guard fires TOWs at Range 29. (See photos.)

Deployment preparation: 140th Aviation (Maint.) packs up for deployment. (See photos.)

Family Readiness Group: NCO Academy facility supports soldiers. (See story, photo.)

Faith: Soldier Growth Group, Bible study support needs of troops. ( See stories, photo.)

Army Family Action Plan: McCoy to hold conference Oct. 30. (See story.)

Customer service: McCoy telephone operators honored for soldier support. (See story, photo.)

Canadian medical personnel treat a simulated ppatient during the Blue Devil 2003 medical exercise at Fort McCoy.

Canadian soldiers train in medical exercises at Fort McCoy

Canadian military personnel brought an international perspective to two medical training exercises conducted at Fort McCoy and hosted by Regional Training Site - Medical. Above, Canadian medical personnel treat a simulated patient during the Blue Devil 2003 medical exercise at Fort McCoy. (See story, photos.)

Business Initiatives Council: Army approves 16 ways to do business better. (See story.)

New Army Chief of Staff:  Schoomaker sworn in Aug. 1. (See story.)

Coalition progress: Myers convinced of coalition progress in Iraq, Afghanistan. (See story.)

Armed Forces Recreation Center: Shades of Green reopening pushed back to March 2004. (See story.)

U.S. Joint Forces Command: Robotics to play major role in future warfighting. (See story.)

Korean War Commemoration: Veterans remember those they left behind. (See story.)

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