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McCoy News (July 27, 2007)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Honoré: Top priority to train, prepare Soldiers for war. (See story, photos.)

First Army commander addresses media regarding McCoy's role. (See story, photo.)

Mobilization: FOBs nearly double capacity to handle troop surges.  (See story, photo.)

Bosslift: West Virginia employers, media visit Soldiers training at McCoy. (See story, photo.

Demobilization: Minnesota National Guard completes 22-month deployment. (See story, photos.)

Training: Diamond Saber 2007 helps finance units enhance skills.  (See story, photo.


Photo: A C-17A aircraft takes off from Young Air Assault Strip during a test of the facility's semi-prepared tactical landing field. (Photo by Michael Mickelson)

C-17A tests Young Air Assault Strip
Air Force C-17A aircraft made numerous test landings on a semi-prepared tactical landing field at Fort McCoy as part of testing that will help further the military’s knowledge of the requirements to take off and land the aircraft under any conditions. (See story, photos and related story.)

Aircraft Testing:  Crew, maintenance personnel support aircraft testing.  (See story, photo and related story.

Health: Additional dental trailers secured.  (See story, photo.

Community: UPS Store supports mailing needs.  (See story, photo.

People: 5 earn commissary scholarships.  (See story, photo.

Environment: Phlox moth makes itself at home at Fort McCoy.  (See story, photo.

Safety: Common-sense barbecue practices reduce chances of injury.  (See story.

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