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McCoy News (July 26, 2002)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Reserve pay: New automated system helps speed payment to reserve- component soldiers. (See story, photo.)

New equipment training:  Field artillery units get new tactical fire control system. (See story, photo.)

MLRS courses: Fort Sill training team provides MLRS training  to National Guard unit. (See story, photos.)

Firefighter training:   Military firefighters supplement post Fire Department during annual training. (See story, photo.)

Flea beetles: Insects used to help control the spread of the nonnative, invasive leafy spurge. (See story, sidebar and photo.)

Conservation Corps: McCoy to host WCC crew for third consecutive year. (See story, sidebar and photos.)

Remembering Sept. 11: Seeking Fort McCoy work force memories of 9-11. (See story.)

Army Concert Tour: Styx and Bad Company co- headline July 12 stop at Fort McCoy. (See story, photos.)

Photo of Seabee construction personnel from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion-25 working on a K-Span building

Seabees get hands-on training

Seabee construction personnel spent an annual training session participating in a hands-on construction training program that paired Seabee veteran instructors with younger Seabees. Above, Seabee construction personnel from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion-25 work on a K-Span building near Enemy Prisoner of War Compound No. 1 at Fort McCoy. (See story, photo.)

About Post: Pictures from around Fort McCoy. (See photos.)

Security:  Leaking classified information puts Americans in danger. (See story.)

Future threats: Rumsfeld says battling future adversaries will take new ways of thinking and fighting. (See story.)

Reservist insurance premiums: DoD  to pay health insurance premiums for some DoD civilian employees called to active duty. (See story.)

TSP changes: Upcoming improvements to make the Thrift Savings Plan easier to use. (See story.)

Computer game: Millions of users download the new Army computer game. (See story.)

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