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McCoy News (July 25, 2003)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Mobilization: McCoy continues to support mobilization missions (See story, photo.)

Operation Platinum Wrench:  Program gets updated equipment to Reserve units. (See story, photos.)

Urban Assault Training: Infantrymen learn MOUT skills at Range 41. (See story, photo.)

TOW firing: Year of simulation, drills concludes with firing on MPTR. (See story, photo.)

Egyptian army students: Officers get experience with HETs at RTS-Maintenance. (See story, photo.)

Command Corner: McCoy's relationship to IMA growing. (See story.)

Commentary: Deployed mom defends choice to serve country (See story.)

Customer Service: Soldier Computer Center exceeds expectations. (See story, photo.)

Ideas pay dividends: Two federal employees collect a total of more than $7,700 for suggestions. (See story.)

Sgt. Nathan Schnarre (left) and Spc. Timothy Warren demonstrate how to assemble an APOBS.

Anti-personnel obstacle breaching system

Members of the Illinois Army National Guard learned about the anti-personnel obstacle breaching system (APOBS) during their annual training at Fort McCoy. Above, Sgt. Nathan Schnarre (left) and Spc. Timothy Warren demonstrate how to assemble an APOBS. (See story, photo.)


Base Realignment and Closure: Next BRAC will reflect changing times in DoD. (See story.)

National Security Personnel System: Building a first-rate civilian personnel system. (See story.)

Army Concert Tour: BTO, Eddie Money, Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat rock Constitution Park. (See story, photos.)

Photo page: Child Development Center visits Pine View Recreation Area. (See photos.)

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