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McCoy News (July 14, 2006)                      Army News                               DoD News    

News: McCoy completes organizational self- assessment for IMA. (See story.

Safety: Upgraded emergency warning system now in place at McCoy. (See story, photo.

Training: Patriot Justice exercise gives MPs extensive training.  (See story, photo.

German army officer trains at Fort McCoy. (See story, photo.

Mobilization: Air Force personnel trained to support deployments.  (See story, photo.

People: New chaplain begins second tour at McCoy. (See story, photo.

The 788th EOD welcomes new commander. (See photos.

Community: Green Tree chapter  receives national award. (See story.

Family Readiness Group workshop helps develop family support mission.  (See story, photo.

PHOTO: A C-130 aircraft  flies over Badger Drop Zone during a Patriot Warrior exercise and drops Canadian army parachutists. (Photo by Sgt. Edwin Rodriguez)

Canadian army elements participate in Patriot Warrior

Members of the Canadian army literally dropped in on Operation Patriot Warrior at Fort McCoy where they stayed for four days and trained with U.S. Army Reserve forces as well as used U.S. Air Force Reserve resources for various missions including a cargo drop and HALO (high altitude low opening) jump. (See story, photo.)

DeCA: Five students honored by military scholarship program.  (See story, photo.

Armywide News: FORSCOM Army Family Action Plan Conference addresses Army issues.  (See story.

Leisure: ITR materials, assistance makes travel easy. (See story.

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