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McCoy News (June 23, 2006)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Construction:  Troop Project expands, improves Young Air Assault  Strip. (See story, photo.)

Training: Chemical company puts up smoke screen at Fort McCoy.  (See story, photo.

Air medical company supports variety of training.  (See story, photo.

News: Ground-breaking ceremonies held for Commissary, (See story, photo), NCO Academy, (See story, photo) and Public Safety Center (See story, photo). 

Observances: Fort McCoy salutes Army Birthday, Flag Day June 14.  (See story, photos.

Community: Volunteers help clean up post, spend quality time with family.  (See story, photo.)

Flag Etiquette: Honoring the colors.  (See graphic, photo.

Photo: Convoys move to and from the Tactical Training Bases at Fort McCoy during the Patriot Warrior exercise. (Photo by Spc. Shannon Klipstein)

Patriot Warrior training exercise trains troops in joint environment

While driving down the road you may notice several convoy operations, simulated improved explosive devices and Soldiers being attacked by opposing forces. Don't be alarmed; Soldiers are not in combat, but taking part in a training exercise. (See story, photo.)

People: Customer service focus of new Human Resources director.  (See story, photo.)

CENTCOM PAO sergeant major shares insights on media war reporting.  (See story, photo.)

Armywide News: First Army Improvised Explosive Devices 'Master Gunners' updated at quarterly workshop. (See story, photo.

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