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McCoy News (June 14, 2002)                      Army News                               DoD News    

SMA Tilley: Focused soldiers ensure success. (See story, photo.)

Golden Medic 2002: Exercise is under way at three different installations, including Fort McCoy. (See story.)

Bridge construction : Soldiers install a bridge on the East Maneuver Road as part of Installation Related Construction. (See photos.)

Command Group Corner: Staszak addresses DSS-A76 decision issues; Piacentini looks back on McCoy tour of duty. (See Staszak story, photo; See Piacentini story, photo.)

788th EOD: Fort McCoy unit teams with the FBI in a statewide war souvenir collection campaign. (See story, photo.)

British visitors: British soldiers train on new equipment at RTS- Maintenance. (See story, photo.)

Enlisted Ball : SMA Tilley dines with, speaks to McCoy soldiers. (See story, photos.)

Photo of Sgt. Maj. of the Army Jack Tilley speaking to attendees at the SMA MACOM CSM conference.

MACOM CSMs gather at Fort McCoy 

Sgt. Maj. of the Army (SMA) Jack Tilley leads an intensive two-day conference at Fort McCoy for enlisted leaders from major commands throughout the U.S. Army. Above,  Tilley speaks to attendees at the SMA MACOM CSM conference.   (See story, photos.)

Lyme disease: Soldiers, civilians can control Lyme disease risk factors. (See story.)

Heat injuries: Heat safety precautions can protect training soldiers. (See story.)

Safety: Warm weather increase risk of soldier accidents. (See story.)

About Post: Pictures from around post. (See photos.)

Army Concert Tour: Styx, Bad Company in concert at McCoy July 12. (See story, photos.)

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