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McCoy News (May 10, 2002)                      Army News                               DoD News    

ACOE: Fort McCoy recognized as DA ACOE runner-up in Pentagon ceremony. (See story.)

Open House: McCoy to host annual Armed Forces Day Open House May 18. (See story.)

Command Group Corner: Visitors welcome at annual open house. (See story, photo.)

Sergeant Major of the Army: SMA Tilley to speak at McCoy Enlisted Ball. (See story, photo.)

Change of command:  Col. Robert C. Rego assumes ARRTC command (See story, photo.)

2nd/85th (TS): Eagle Brigade opens Active Component Control Headquarters at McCoy. (See story.)

Dropping in : Soldiers from Fort Bragg parachute into McCoy. (See photos.)

Safety Course: Students learn special precautions in handling explosives. (See story, photo.)

OPSEC/SAEDA: Briefings to be offered May 21-22. (See story.)

Theater No. 5: Demolition of one of the last theaters at McCoy. (See photos.)

Photo of Students in an engineering class learning the proper techniques to clear and mark mines.

Engineer  training

Students at an engineer class learn the proper techniques to clear and mark mines. The course, which ran April 27 to May 10, was hosted by the 1st Engineer Batttalion/3rd Brigade/84th Division (Institutional Training) of Fort Sheridan, Ill. Soldiers attending the course also learned about heavy equipment operation, combat engineer and carpentry/masonry skills. The course provides ample hands-on training for the students. (Photo by Rob Schuette )

Warning sirens: McCoy warning siren system tested, ready for use. (See story.)

School Age Services: Summer youth program registration under way. (See story, photos.)

Wellness Fair: Hundreds participate in May 1 event. (See story, photo.)

Army Training and Leader Development Panel: Army to review NCO concerns according to the latest ATLDP. (See story.)

Responding to training needs: TRADOC working to update training packages for NCOs. (See story.)

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