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McCoy News (April 23, 2004)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Observances: Fort McCoy to host Armed Forces Day Open House May 15.(See story.)

Training: 1st, 126th Field Artillery fires the Paladin.   (See story, photo.)

DoD News: Strategic communications leverage Army story (See story.) Joint, expeditionary focus: Army gets there fast but not alone. (See story.)

Demobilization:  Soldiers turn-in clothing, equipment during demobilization process. (See photos.)

People: Aviation officer honored for skill with weapons: (See story, photo.)

Honors: CDC staff member recognized with grant. (See story, photo.)

Contest participants: School Age Services students compete in nationwide photo contest. (See story, photo.)

Soldiers demobilizing at Fort McCoy go through stations at the Soldier Readiness Center. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Fort McCoy's demobilization role increases as troops return 

Reserve-component Soldiers returning to Fort McCoy to demobilize from an assignment supporting the Global War on Terrorism spend five to eight days getting their records updated and beginning the process to readjust to civilian life. (See story, photos.)

About Post: Fish stocking, controlled burn. (See photos.)

Safety: Week focuses on severe weather awareness. (See story.)

Armywide News: Post-deployment physicals being offered. (See story) TRICARE Retiree Dental program enters 6th year. (See story.) DoD education officials warn against education diploma mills. (See story.)

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