Serving Fort McCoy, Wis., an Army Community of Excellence

McCoy News (April 14, 2006)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Training: Emergency response equipment to boost readiness. (See story, photo.)

Construction: Contract for new Commissary awarded.  (See story.

Public Safety Center construction approved. (See story.)

Environment: Army to observe Earth Day's 36th anniversary.  (See story.

Education: Virtual University meeting Army Reserve needs.  (See story, photo.

Moulage class helps RTS-Medical staff create realism. (See story, photos.)

People: Army Reserve EEO officer receives Armywide award.  (See story, photo.

Kjornes selected TRADOC's Army Reserve Instructor of Year. (See story, photo.)

Photo: Members of B Battery, 1st, 126th Field Artillery fire a Paladin Howitzer at a Fort McCoy firing point. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Field artillery fires Paladin howitzers

Members of a field artillery unit appreciated the opportunity to fire their Paladin howitzers for the first time in two years at Fort McCoy during the first week of a split extended combat training session from March 30-April 9. (See story, photo.)

Outdoors: McCoy fishing, state general inland waters seasons to begin May 6.  (See story, photo.

 Fort McCoy to conduct tornado warning siren testing April 26.  (See story, sidebar.

Tick, Lyme disease season at McCoy heating up. (See story.)

Community: DMWR offers quality programs at Fort McCoy.  (See story, photo.

New catered food, beverage regulation published. (See story.)