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McCoy News (March 12, 2004)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Training: Training totals projected to top 100,000 personnel. (See story, photo.)

Mobilization Support: Arab village scenario added to training schedule. (See story, photo.)

Base-camp defense: Soldiers train to meet base-camp defense challenges. (See story, photo.)

Central Issue Facility:  CIF ensures units have clothing, personal gear.   (See story, photos.)

People: 788th Ordnance Company welcomes new commander. (See story, photo.

NCO Dining Out: Event brings together personnel from across post. (See story, photo.

Bugle calls: Bugle calls signal Soldiers, civilians to take action. (See story.

About Post: Mail Call, Classroom work, Computer skills (See photos.)

Civilians on the Battlefield role play protesters outside a base camp during a training scenario.

Civilian role players add realism to battlefield training scenarios

Personnel who role play civilians on the battlefield (COBs) at Fort McCoy are helping to prepare mobilized Soldiers for the conditions they will face during deployment. (See story, photos.)

Army Family Action Plan: A report on issues presented at Fort McCoy's conference. (See story, photo.)

Army Chief of Staff Focus Areas: Installations to serve as flagships. (See story, photo.)

BRAC 05: Criteria focus on military value. (See story.)

BDU supply: AAFES monitoring, working on selected BDU supply concerns. (See story.)

Severe Weather Work Force Procedures

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