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McCoy News (February 24, 2006)            Army News                               DoD News    

Training: Military intelligence analyst personnel in demand. (See story, photo.)

Maintenance: National Maintenance Program sets standard for Army parts.  (See story, photo.)

Summits focus on environmental, resources programs.  (See story.

Biological & Cultural Resources Team meeting goal to support training. (See story, photo.)

Environmental Management program meeting requirements. (See story, photo.)

Information management: Army begins CAC Logon for government computers.  (See story.

Common Access Card use to improve security. (See story.)

2nd, 85th (TSB):  NCO experiences Combatives Course. (See story, photo.)


Photo:  Members of the 3rd Battalion, 335th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 85th Division (Training Support Battalion) train on the Multipurpose Machine Gun Range 34 at   Fort  McCoy  . (File photo)

Study sets stage for long-term small-arms range planning

Field research to assess the lead concentration in training berms on small-arms ranges (.50-caliber and less) has been completed at Fort McCoy.  Efforts now will shift to preparing a facilitywide Range Environmental Management Plan (REMP) to support the existing plans for the management and future development of the installation's firing range complex. (See story, photo.)

Lodging: Fort McCoy's building 904 renamed as Patriot Lodge.  (See story, photo.

Community: ACS to offer new AER commander referral program.  (See story.

Sexual Assault: Response policies more victim-centered. (See story, photo.)

Thrift Savings Plan: Seminar offers financial information to participants.  (See story, photo.)

Politics: Dos, don'ts for federal employees.  (See story.

Severe Weather Work Force Announcements

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