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Training: RTS-Maintenance exports BNCOC to Fort Carson Soldiers. (See story, photos.)

Naval medics sharpen their military skills.  (See photos.

Mobilization: IMMA checks, repairs weapons for mobilizing Soldiers.  (See story, photo.

2005 Newsmakers: Photos and summaries of the past year. (See photos.)

Contracting:  Working with contractors in government workplace.  (See story.)

Community:  VITA Center open to help military with tax returns.  (See story, photo, sidebar.)

Leisure:  Snowfest set for Jan. 28 at Whitetail.  (See story.

More concert tickets on sale Feb. 1.  (See story.)

Photo:  Attendees at the Fort McCoy 2006 Annual Training Coordination Conference hear about changes in the training ranges at Fort McCoy. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

2006 Annual Training Conference

Several hundred representatives from units that will train at Fort McCoy this year attended the 2006 Fort McCoy Annual Training Coordination Conference Jan. 19 to learn about training opportunities at the installation. (See story, photos.)


People:  Mosley:  King's legacy promotes equality for all.  (See story, photo, sidebar.

Worship: Protestant Women of the Chapel group membership increases.  (See story, photo.)  

Armywide News:  Army Chief of Staff releases reading guides for Soldiers.  (See story.)

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