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McCoy News (Jan. 24, 2003)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Army Community of Excellence: Examiner team to visit McCoy Jan. 27-31. (See story.)

Intelligence training: 2nd, 84th (Military intelligence) provides training to help meet USARC, Army needs. (See story, photo.)

Telecommunications project: Project to modernize infrastructure under way. (See story, photo.)

Winter support:  Snowmobiles add to  police response capabilities. (See story, photos.)

Taxes: VITA to provide tax help to military personnel. (See story, photo and sidebar.)

Getting the word out: Hometown News and Civilian News Release gets word to hometowns. (See story, sidebar.)

Club disbanded: McCoy Rod & Gun Club disbands after 10 years. (See story, photo.)

Weapons qualification: Members of the 244th Liaison Team train on Range 1. (See photos.)

Photo:Unit Movement Officer Course students secure equipment on a railcar.`

UMOC trains students how to load, secure, move military equipment

The Unit Movement Officers Course at the ARRTC teaches students the correct way to go through the entire process of mobilization, deployment and demobilization. Above, Unit Movement Officer Course students secure equipment on a railcar. (See story, photos.)

Commissary: Commissary road show introduces savings to reserve-component troops. (See story, photo.)

Scholarships available: Numerous sources of financial aid available for 2003-04 school year. (See story.)

Health: Reserve-component soldiers can get medical and dental updates. (See story.)

Child-care: Army adjusts child-care fees for 2003. (See story.)

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