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McCoy News (Jan. 14, 2005)                      Army News                               DoD News    

Year in Review: A photographic look back at 2004 at Fort McCoy. (See photos.

Command Corner: McCoy continues to underpin military's readiness. (See story, photo.)

Standard Garrison Organization: McCoy implementing changes.  (See story.)

Training: Automation system teaches movement tactics.   (See story, photo.

People: ACS director wins Army-level leadership award.  (See story, photo.

VITA: Fort McCoy gearing up for 2004 tax return season.  (See story, photo.

Safety: Fort McCoy Safety Climate Survey targets mobilizing Soldiers. (See story.

Community: Army Family Action Plan FY 04 finalizes 9 issues. (See story, photo.

Recreation: Whitetail Ridge opens.  (See  photos.)

Tom Standifer demonstrates how a military-type, 12-volt connector was adapted to povide power to a Laser Target Interface Device System. (Photo by Rob Schuette.)

McCoy target suggestion forwarded to Army for evaluation 

A trio of Fort McCoy Directorate of Plans Training, Mobilization and Security personnel received an award of $6,500 for their suggestion to improve a target power system. (See story, photo.)

Sexual assault: DoD implements new prevention policy. (See story.

Armywide News: Secretary Harvey: Soldiers, family members top priority. (See story, photo.) Engineer unit mobilized at McCoy saves lives in Iraq.  (See story, photos.) Reserve-component Army officers receive new promotion policy. (See story.) Army to meet its armor needs. (See story.) Housing, meal allowances to increase this month. (See story.)

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