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McCoy News (January 12, 2007)              Army News                               DoD News    

Mobilization: Arabic language, culture training available to Soldiers at installation FOB sites. (See story, photos.)

Holiday VTC connects Soldiers with their families.  (See story, photo.

Training: 181st Infantry Brigade is reflagged, command changes.  (See story, photos, side bar.

Environment:  Installation aims to meet Army recycling goals.  (See story.

Safety: Action Plan implementation begins with leadership.  (See story.

Leisure: Youth enjoy holiday recreation opportunities at McCoy.  (See story, photos.

Benefits: Department of Defense boosts overall military housing rates by 3.5 percent.  (See story. 

Photo: An employee from ARC Electric of Tomah, Wis., hooks up the targetry to electricity at Range 31A, a new Modified Record Fire Range. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Range projects on target for completion  

Three new ranges or training facilities at Fort McCoy will support training on M-16 rifles or live-fire exercises and are scheduled to be completed and opened in time to support the weapons firing requirements of the installation's peak training season. (See story, photo.)

Health: 'Fitness Frenzy' under way.  (See story, photos.

2006 Newsmakers:  Training exercise support; Mobilization training; New construction; and C-17.  (See photos.

About Post:  House fire; Final respects; Operation Warrior Trainer; and Road clearing.  (See photos.

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