Fort McCoy News Dec. 8, 2017

Archery seasons return at McCoy

through early January

Public Affairs Staff

Both the regular archery/crossbow and cantonment archery deer seasons went back in session at Fort McCoy on Nov. 27 following the completion of the gun-deer season.

The "second half" of these seasons are Nov. 27 to Jan. 3, 2018, said Wildlife Biologist David Beckmann with the Natural Resources Branch (NRB) of the Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division.

The installation awarded permits for the cantonment archery season to 185 archers who were picked through a drawing earlier in the year, Beckmann said. Each was awarded two antlerless tags.

Two whitetail deer cross a road Nov. 28 on South Post at Fort McCoy.
Two whitetail deer cross a road Nov. 28 on South Post at Fort McCoy.

"Cantonment archery rules are different than for regular archery/crossbow hunters in that crossbows are not allowed," Beckmann said. "Hunters participating in cantonment archery must use a regular compound or recurve bow.

"The Fort McCoy regular archery permits are not part of a drawing like the cantonment archery and gun-deer permits are," Beckmann said. "Cantonment archery permits are for cantonment archery only, so if you want to archery hunt outside the cantonment area, you will have to purchase that separate regular archery permit."

A Fort McCoy archery permit and a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) bow or crossbow hunting license are required to hunt on Fort McCoy for regular archery/crossbow, Beckmann said. Harvest is limited to one deer (antlered or antlerless) with the appropriate WDNR carcass tag.

For cantonment archery hunters, an antlered deer can be harvested only after two antlerless/spike deer have been harvested, Beckmann said. The Earn-A-Buck authorization will be issued through the Permit Sales Office after confirmation that two antlerless/spike deer have been harvested in the Cantonment Area. Any antlered deer harvested must be registered using the WDNR archery buck tag.

Archery hunters also must remember that when hunting with both bow and crossbow, they must have the appropriate Wisconsin bow/crossbow license upgrade. Regular Wisconsin archery licenses are $24 for resident archery and $24 for resident crossbow. An upgrade on either license is $3. The Fort McCoy regular archery/crossbow permit is $17, and the cantonment archery permit is $13.

People who have more questions on appropriate licensing requirements for Fort McCoy can get answers by visiting the Fort McCoy i-Sportsman page at or by calling the Permit Sales Office at 608-388-3337. For Wisconsin archery rules and regulations, visit

Hunters are also reminded that use of any tree stands or blinds must be temporary and must be taken down each day.
Also, if hunters succeed in harvesting a deer, that deer must be registered with Wisconsin and can be done online through the WDNR Go Wild website at

For more information about the installation's hunting, fishing, and other outdoor opportunities, go online to the Fort McCoy i-Sportsman page at or call the Permit Sales Office at 608-388-3337.