Fort McCoy News Oct. 13, 2017

Fort McCoy's Re-Use It Store cuts waste,

saves money

Public Affairs Staff

Reducing waste and saving money at your workplace can be as simple as visiting Fort McCoy's Re-Use It Store in building 207.

The Re-Use It Store, which is open to both civilian workers and military members, operates on a simple concept. Instead of throwing away or indefinitely storing extra supplies, organizations can bring them to a central location for others to take and use.

"Units or tenants or garrison staff bring things they can't use anymore that are still serviceable," said Michael Reistad, environmental protection specialist with the Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division. "We put it on our shelf, and units can come get it to use as it was intended."

A customer looks over the selection at the Re-Use It Store in building 207 at Fort McCoy.
A customer looks over the selection at the Re-Use It Store in building
207 at Fort McCoy.

Visiting units also bring supplies they don't want or have room to haul back to their home bases, leaving the items for other military members to claim and use.

The supplies from the Re-Use It Store can't be taken off post or back with training units, Reistad said.

The supplies change frequently as units come and go. "We'll get toilet paper in one week from a departing unit, and next week, it'll be gone when a new unit comes in," he said. The staff members dispose of products that remain unclaimed for too long, ensuring that supplies are still good to use

The most common supplies are cleaning and basic maintenance supplies, but anything that isn't extremely hazardous will be accepted, Reistad said. Turned-in supplies often include glass cleaner, spray lubricant, motor oil, paper products, spray paint, and more.

In fiscal year 2016, the Fort McCoy Re-Use It Store saved the installation and visiting troops about $72,000 in purchase and disposal costs. Reistad said the cost savings is calculated by adding the average new cost of products that are claimed to the costs of disposing those products, whether it's sending it to a landfill or for hazardous-material disposal.

"The Re-Use It Store is an integral part of the waste minimization plan at Fort McCoy," Reistad said.

"Training dollars are always short," he said. "If units can come get supplies from us, they can spend that money someplace else instead."

The Re-Use It Store is open noon to 2 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays or by appointment in building 207.

For more information, including current available supplies, call 608-388-5705.