Fort McCoy News July 28, 2017

This month in Fort McCoy history

50 Years Ago — July 7, 1967

Handling more than 30,000 telephone calls per day was one of the many gargantuan tasks handled by Post Signal personnel. Twenty-nine civilian and six military phone operators were on duty daily to help get that phone call made.

Some of the more than 30 people working at the telephone switchboard stop for a photo in 1967 at then-Camp McCoy.
Some of the more than 30 people working at the telephone
switchboard stop for a photo in 1967 at then-Camp McCoy.
File photo

(A portion of the old switchboard is on display in the Fort McCoy Commemorative Area.)

40 Years Ago — July 14, 1977

More than 1,600 Soldiers of the 33rd Brigade, Illinois National Guard, arrived for two weeks of annual combat infantry training. The unit trained to increase effectiveness for a skill qualification test (SQT) later in the year. The SQTs were then a new testing system designed to test the skill proficiency of each individual soldier at his/her own level and the next higher grade to determine eligibility for promotion. The SQT was being "phased in" as the "old" military occupational skill test was eliminated in the Army.

30 Years Ago — July 25, 1987

Army Community Services (ACS) celebrated its 22nd birthday. To commemorate the event, the Fort McCoy ACS branch held an open house and a slogan contest. Nationally, ACS has been providing services since 1965. ACS was started during the Vietnam War to increase morale of military members and their Families.

20 Years Ago — July 16, 1997

The command of Fort McCoy passed from Col. Harold K. Miller Jr. to Col. Roy L. Higgins during a change of command ceremony at Rumpel Fitness Center. Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Plewes, U.S. Army Reserve Command deputy commanding general, presided at the ceremony.

10 Years Ago — July 1, 2007

The Fort McCoy Equal Opportunity (EO) adviser was selected as the sixth recipient of the Merlin G. Pope Jr. Outstanding EO Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) of the Year.

Master Sgt. Eric Dore received the award during the annual Army Reserve Equal Opportunity Training Workshop. The recipient of the EO award is honored for supporting the advancement of fairness, equality, dignity, and respect for the Soldiers, Family members, and civilian employees in an installation community by coordinating programs aimed at overcoming discrimination and eliminating barriers to equal opportunity.

   (Article prepared from The Real McCoy and Triad archives.)