Fort McCoy News July 28, 2017

Fort McCoy earns top honors

in Army OPSEC Awards competition

The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS) Security Branch and staff recently were recognized for achieving top recognition in the 2016 Army Operations Security (OPSEC) Achievement Awards competition.

Fort McCoy has been recognized for its achievements in two categories. Fort McCoy earned both first and second place in the Multimedia (Electronic) Achievement Award category and first place in the Multimedia (Print) Achievement Award category.

"Fort McCoy has reason to be proud," said David Cochran, chief of the DPTMS Security Branch. "This was only possible through the collaborative efforts of the DPTMS Security Branch, Visual Information Branch, and support from the Fort McCoy leadership and workforce."

The Army OPSEC Achievement Awards recognize Army personnel and organizations for significant OPSEC accomplishments and the creative and innovative application of techniques, methods to solve problems related to OPSEC and the promotion of OPSEC programs through the creation of OPSEC awareness products, such as videos and posters, Cochran said.

In the electronic multimedia category, Cochran said the DPTMS Security Branch worked closely with the Multimedia/Visual Information (MM/VI) Branch for the first-place "Strong Password" and second-place "Campaign OPSEC" videos. Cochran said security and MM/VI staff members wrote the scripts, developed and directed all the scenes, cast the actors, and produced the videos.

In "Strong Password," an OPSEC agent shows a Soldier that some passwords really do not protect. Whether it's a personal account at home, WIFI, a phone, or a school account, all passwords must be protected.

In "Campaign OPSEC," opposing candidates pitch reasons to vote for them because of their OPSEC plans.

In the print multimedia category, Cochran said the DPTMS Security Branch worked again closely with MM/VI on the first-place "OPSEC No Joke" poster, which can be found on bulletin boards, walls, and doors throughout the installation. Copies of this poster have also been provided to military units outside of Fort McCoy to display throughout their commands to promote their OPSEC programs.

"This effort energized the installation's OPSEC awareness campaign," Cochran said. "The team researched and used brain-based learning techniques to ensure OPSEC stays in the mind of the viewer.

"Fort McCoy can share in our achievements due to the team effort shown on a daily basis. OPSEC has become routine for most of the Fort McCoy community and it shows with the level of success we've achieved as a team." Cochran said. "Everyone on Fort McCoy should be proud."

For more information about the Fort McCoy OPSEC program, call 608-388-5107.

   (Article prepared by the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security's Security Branch.)