Fort McCoy News July 28, 2017

Promote antiterrorism efforts; remain vigilant

Commanding General, Installation Management Command

Lt. Gen. Kenneth R. Dahl
Lt. Gen. Kenneth R. Dahl

Antiterrorism (AT) is everyone's responsibility. Complacency, if present, provides our adversaries with opportunities to attack Soldiers, civilians, contractors, Family members, and retirees. Recognizing threat indicators and sustaining a strong defensive posture is the best way to prevent terrorist acts and protect Army-critical assets.

August is Army Antiterrorism Awareness Month, and we are emphasizing it accordingly, but sustaining a strong defensive posture is a year-round activity for every person in every military community.

The men and women who work tirelessly throughout the year to protect our communities need our help. We must understand the threats we face and how to best report suspicious activity.

Now is the time to refresh your skills by taking the annually required online AT Level I course located at and to ensure you know your local iWatch reporting procedures.

We have instituted major changes in the way we defend against terrorists over the past year. The Force Protection Condition system has changed, and both the Department of Defense (DOD) Instruction 2000.16 (DOD Antiterrorism Standards) and Army Regulation 525-13 (Antiterrorism) have been revised. However, we know terrorists revise and update their methods too.
In addition to identifying suspicious activities when we see them, we should also be hyper-vigilant for the cyberthreats that surround us every day.

Ensure your cybersecurity training is up to date, and maintain awareness of the various cyberthreats that change on a daily basis. Your vigilance could mean the difference between catastrophic network failure or, more importantly, between life and death.