Fort McCoy News June 23, 2017

As Army Communities of Excellence installation,

McCoy to continue to improve

U.S. Army Garrison Fort McCoy was recognized with the Bronze Award for the Army Communities of Excellence (ACOE) Program in the Pentagon's Hall of Heroes in Washington, D.C., on May 24. And, if the garrison staff has any say, they'll be back next year to claim the gold.

Sponsored by the Chief of Staff of the Army, and overseen by the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM), the ACOE Program recognizes excellence in installation management. It is a benchmark of quality for all communities.

The program encourages and rewards installations that optimize their environment and demonstrate a commitment to facility as well as service excellence. With the concept of continuous improvement as a guide to achieving exceptional customer service and satisfaction, the ACOE program encourages and acknowledges installations' commitment to excellence and readiness.

Garrison Commander Col. David J. Pinter Sr. (left) unveils the Army Communities of Excellence flag during a special ceremony during Fort McCoy’s Army Birthday Celebration on June 14 at McCoy’s Community Center.
Garrison Commander Col. David J. Pinter Sr. (left) unveils the Army
Communities of Excellence flag during a special ceremony during Fort
McCoy's Army Birthday Celebration on June 14 at McCoy's Community
Photo by Scott T. Sturkol

The ACOE Award honors the top Army, Reserve, and National Guard installations that have achieved high levels of excellence in building quality environments, outstanding facilities, and superior services. During a year-long process, ACOE applicants are assessed and evaluated against Army priorities and Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.

The ACOE program starts with the necessary training to ensure adherence to Army Campaign Plan priorities, Army installation management standards, and Malcolm Baldrige criteria. Army, Reserve, and National Guard review boards perform an assessment of applicant qualifications, during which Department of Army officer/civilian examiners review and score applications.

The process is completed with the Office of the Judge Advocate General's legal review and ACSIM's final approval. Installation winners receive professional recognition and monetary awards as a return on investment to improve their respective installations.

All competing organizations are directly evaluated against the Baldrige Criteria. The feedback provided through the assessment process offers valuable insights into the state of the installation and highlights areas for continued improvement.

The ACOE program builds on organizational knowledge and encourages a change in perspective from what is minimally essential to what is optimally possible to support Soldiers, Families, and Army civilians who live, work, train, and excel on Army installations.

"As a 2017 ACOE award recipient, Fort McCoy's strength and pursuit of excellence is in its valued-based professionals and a well-developed Installation Management System," said Fort McCoy Garrison Commander Col. David J. Pinter Sr. "Fort McCoy has long exercised a disciplined approach to effective, efficient five-year strategic business planning, coordination, and simultaneous execution through a collaborative effort amongst the workforce, tenants, customers, and extended community. The five-year strategic business planning is a guide to preserve gains, maintain relevancy, and support mission readiness now and into the future."

The Fort McCoy team will continue the "road to awesome" with an agile, adaptive workforce, he said.

"Our dedication, drive, and determination are engrained in the Team McCoy culture to incorporate feedback into process improvements," Pinter said. "We make ourselves better each year, resulting in Fort McCoy being best in class. Receiving the ACOE Award is a validation and provides tangible evidence we are continuing to improve while focusing on being the best provider to meet our customer's needs."

Representing Fort McCoy at the 2017 ACOE Awards ceremony at the Pentagon were Pinter; Command Sgt. Maj. Frank Mathias, the garrison command sergeant major; and Mary Fries and Jeff Winkler with the Fort McCoy Plans, Integration, and Analysis Office.

Fort McCoy is already looking ahead to next year. Pinter said the garrison has submitted a statement of intent to complete in the 2018 ACOE program competition. So, the hard work that brought the Fort McCoy garrison staff to the Pentagon this year could very well land them back there next year.

   (Article prepared by Fort McCoy Garrison Staff.)