Fort McCoy News May 12, 2017

Installation recognizes volunteers' contributions

during banquet

Fort McCoy volunteers were recognized at the Garrison Commander's Volunteer Recognition Banquet held April 27 at the installation.

The volunteers, along with the Fort McCoy Army Community Service (ACS) Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator Lorie Retzlaff and ACS Director Kevin Herman, presented Garrison Commander Col. David J. Pinter Sr. with a symbolic $268,301 check for the hours volunteers donated in 2016.

The check represented the dollar value Fort McCoy volunteers extended the Army's budget as a result of their volunteer efforts. Ninety-two volunteers were recognized for donating 10,880 hours of service. The dollar value of volunteer work was based on an estimated $24.66 an hour wage at the national level.

Fort McCoy volunteers are shown with their certificates of appreciation at the banquet held April 27 at McCoy’s Community Center.
Fort McCoy volunteers are shown with their certificates of appreciation
at the banquet held April 27 at McCoy's Community Center.
Photo by Lorie

Attendees enjoyed a sit-down dinner with opening remarks by Patric D. McGuane, director of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation. The meal was followed by educational training delivered by Terry Hershey.

Hershey discussed the importance of self-care in order to fully give back to those served. Pinter presented volunteers with the Garrison Commander Certificate of Appreciation for their dedication and commitment to volunteerism in support of Fort McCoy's mission as a member of the Army Volunteer Corps in 2016.

The following received certificates of appreciation:

• Debb Aiken, Amy Anderson, Yevheniy Andreyko.

• Amber Bailey, Enrique Becwar, Susan Beyer, Norb Brown, Sarah Brueggen, Rita Byers.

• Richard Coffin.

• Courtney Daniels, Sheri Ann Dickinson, Francis Downs.

• Rosanne Ebert, Randall Eddy, Marykristy Eweama, Regina Eweama, Remy Eweama, Uzo Eweama.

• Marcus Frazee, Gary Frei.

• Catrena Hale, Chattie Hale, Shirley Harmel, Larry Hass, Renee Herman, Bonnie Hilt, Charles Hilt, Dave Hirsch, Mary Hirsch-Justice, Erika Lord Hodges, Isabela Hodges, John Hodges, Rosalie Hodges, Rose Holland, Andriana Hurtado.

• Susan James, Laurence Johns III, Victoria Justice.

• Amber Koch, Naomi Koch, Nathan Koch, Stephanie Koch.

• Ann Mais, Aimee Malone, Cathy Malzacher, Gerald Meyer, Karylen Murphy.

• Nevin Neuville, Charlotte Nott, Elissa Nott, Ethan Nott, Steven Nott.

• Ben Olson, Deborah Olson, Haley Olson.

• Lawrence Peterson Jr., Madeline Peterson, Otto Peterson, Sheila Pinter, Christine Piso.

• Maria Reiland, Brandon Retzlaff, Daniel Retzlaff, Megan Retzlaff, Barbara Rice, Alexander Rigor, Brendan Rigor, Michael Roeske, Alonna Rogalla, Keira Rogalla, Mckenzi Rogalla, Theresa Rogalla.

• Laura Saldana, Russell Sanborn, Becky Sawyer, Susan Shie, Randall Shull, Theresa Simpson, Emily Sommers, Judy Sommers.

• Debra Thompson, Harold Topel.

• Sherrie Waldera, Keyodona Walton, Ann Wermer, Mark Wermer, Mykayla Wollin, Mytchell Wollin, Faith Woodman.

• Debra Yeldell.

• Bradley Zimmerman.

Seventeen volunteers also received a Presidential Volunteer Service Award. The President's Council on Service and Civic Participation created the President's Volunteer Service Award Program as a way to thank and honor Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service.

Recognizing and honoring volunteers sets a standard for service to others. It encourages a sustained commitment to civic participation and inspires others to make volunteering a central part of their lives.

The volunteers receiving Presidential Volunteer Service Awards were:

• lifetime (4,000 hours over their lifetime) — Rose Holland.

• gold (500-plus hours in 2016) — Francis Downs, Rose Holland, Otto Peterson, Russell Sanborn, and Randall Shull.

• silver (250-499 hours in 2016) — Mary Hirsch-Justice.

• bronze (100-249 hours in 2016) — Amber Bailey, Norb Brown, Richard Coffin, Dave Hirsch, Laurence Johns III, Ann Mais, Lawrence Peterson Jr., Michael Roeske, and Debra Thompson.

• young adult gold (250-plus hours in 2016) — Elissa Nott.

Fort McCoy community members looking for an opportunity to positively impact the garrison's military community can do so by volunteering, which contributes in ways that have a lasting effect on the community's Soldiers, Families, and volunteers.

For more information about the volunteer program, contact ACS at (608) 388-6507 or visit the website to view volunteer opportunities.

   (Article prepared by Army Community Service.)