Fort McCoy News April 14, 2017

Installation holds Green Dot Challenge

Fort McCoy is holding an installationwide Green Dot Challenge during April.

The 2017 Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention training uses the Green Dot curriculum, which teaches how people can intervene when they see harassment, bullying, or abuse instead of being passive bystanders.

During April, Fort McCoy community members are encouraged to keep track of their green dots, whether reactive or proactive. Reactive green dots are decisions people make to intervene when they see potentially harmful behaviors that could lead to problems like alcohol abuse, a sexual assault, child abuse, or the bullying of an autistic person. Proactive green dots are moments when someone decides to let others know that they do not believe in or condone bullying, sexual harassment, or any kind of power-based personal violence.

What's Your Green Dot?
U.S. Air Force graphic by Airman 1st Class Ryan Sparks

People can create green dots by attending awareness events like those being held on post during April, "liking" a bystander story on Facebook, or having a conversation with friends or Family members about how to intervene if they see potentially harmful behavior.

Green dots do not have to be big gestures, but can be small decisions everyone can make to contribute to a safer community. All of those small moments and decisions add up to big changes.

Containers are on display during April at Rumpel Fitness Center and McCoy's Community Center to show how many green dots Fort McCoy community members have created. Community members can drop green ping pong balls into the container to represent their green dots.

If someone adds a positive saying or quote regarding bystander intervention to your signature block, has a conversation with children about how to recognize harmful behaviors (or red dots), or give resources to a co-worker in need, he or she can add a green dot to the Fort McCoy map.

Fort McCoy's goal is to reach 500 green dots or more this in April. Be sure to check out the Main Gate electronic sign when driving on post to see if the goal has been reached. Fort McCoy community members are encouraged to cover Fort McCoy in green this April and throughout the year.

For more information about SHARP and the Green Dot program, call Army Community Service at 608-388-3505.

   (Article prepared by Fort McCoy Army Community Service.)