Fort McCoy News Feb. 24, 2017

This month in Fort McCoy history

Soldiers associated with Task Force Frost at Fort McCoy in January 1947 show “new” winter equipment and uniforms in use by the Army at the time.
A fire scorches Task Force Frost Bachelor Officer's Quarters
No. 1 on Feb. 14, 1947, at then-Camp McCoy.
File photo

70 Years Ago — Feb. 14, 1947

A fire raged through Task Force Frost Bachelor Officer's Quarters No. 1 seriously injuring one man and burning three others to a lesser degree. The fire was discovered in a locked room on the second floor of the frame and shingled structure. In a little over three minutes after its inception, flames had enveloped almost the entire structure. The building was built in 1942 at a cost of $38,000. The interior of the building was completely gutted.

30 Years Ago — Feb. 20, 1987

The "Bearcats" from the 1/32nd Light Infantry Battalion, Fort Ord, Calif., spent three hard weeks at Fort McCoy learning cold-weather tactics and winter-survival techniques.

20 Years Ago — Feb. 21, 1997

Fiber optics connected Fort McCoy to the future with the completion of the Fiber Optic Backbone Network Fiber Optic system. The entire project was designed so the post wouldn't have to bury new cables every time its information needs changed. Fiber distribution nodes were installed in four major service areas. Post personnel served by the network experienced better and faster computer service.

10 Years Ago — Feb. 9, 2007

Upgrades to Range 10, also called Reflex Fire Range, included the implementation of electronically driven, automated radio control targets replacing cardboard silhouettes in free-standing frames.

   (Prepared by the Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office.)