Fort McCoy News Nov. 11, 2016

Hunters: UXO safety stressed

Hunters at Fort McCoy should watch for unexploded ordnance (UXO) and know what to do if it is encountered. UXO results from the military use of munitions during live-fire training or testing.

Fort McCoy Range Safety Officer Brad Vieth said that while it is unlikely that hunters would encounter UXO in the field, those who do should remember the three "Rs" of explosive safety — recognize, retreat, and report.

• Recognize — Recognizing the situation means first realizing an unidentified object could be dangerous.

• Retreat — Do not touch, move, or disturb the suspected UXO. Immediately and carefully leave the area following the same path on which the area was entered.

• Report — Immediately notify authorities and describe as much as possible about the environment and location of the UXO.

Hunters who encounter or see UXO at the installation should call the Fort McCoy Police Department at 608-388-2000 and report what they saw and the location where they saw it.

The Fort McCoy Installation Safety Office (ISO) also has brochures about UXO. Call the ISO at 608-388-3403 or stop by building 1678 for more information.

   (Article prepared by the Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office; Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security Range Operations; and the Installation Safety Office.)