Fort McCoy News Sept. 9, 2016

McCoy staff focuses on excellence; units respond

Public Affairs Staff

Continued customer service and support excellence has been the focus of the Fort McCoy staff as new exercises and types of training debuted alongside regular training at the post in 2016.

"People may not realize how much effort goes on behind the scenes," said Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS) Training Coordination Branch Chief Craig Meeusen.

New for 2016 was the Wisconsin exercise Miles Paratus, which included state and federal agencies as well as military personnel. Also, exercises such as the Warrior Exercise (WAREX) and Combat Support Training Exercise required participating personnel to use more-austere environments.

Soldiers with the 77th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, set up tents and equipment at Tactical Training Base Independence on Fort McCoy’s South Post.
Soldiers with the 77th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion of
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, set up tents and equipment at Tactical Training
Base Independence on Fort McCoy's South Post.

"Training success is built through planning and coordination," said DPTMS Director Brad Stewart. For example, work done in the Training Coordination Working Group, which is held twice a month during the busiest times of the training season, helps ensure resources are synchronized to support exercises and all transient units here to complete training.

Resources come from throughout the installation, including from the Logistics Readiness Center, Network Enterprise Center, Range Maintenance, Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Troop Facility Support Branch, and many others.

The training coordination meetings help ensure everything from ammo to dining facilities are available for each unit that trains here, Meeusen said.

As a result, many troops who have trained on post during summer 2016 have said they appreciate what the Fort McCoy team has done to help them.

Sgt. 1st Class Brian Lintonen with the Wisconsin National Guard's 829th Engineer Company (Vertical) completed annual training at Fort McCoy in June as a rotational noncommissioned officer in charge of 829th Soldiers who worked on a troop project to build a shower facility at Improved Tactical Training Base Freedom. Lintonen worked directly with DPW Troop Projects Coordinator Larry Morrow and several other post troop-support personnel during the unit's time at Fort McCoy.

"Fort McCoy's staff was very helpful for everything we needed," Lintonen said. "We always get very good support for everything we need when we come (to Fort McCoy) for training. We also appreciated having such a great project for our unit to work on because it gave our Soldiers some really good experience."

Also in June, Spc. Whitfield Thomas with the 400th Military Police Battalion Supply Section of Fort Meade, Md., was at Fort McCoy for annual training in connection with the Guardian Justice exercise.

He and several of his fellow unit supply specialist Soldiers worked at the Logistics Readiness Center Central Issue Facility (CIF), which is the only CIF Armywide where Army Reserve personnel can be issued equipment while training.

"This was my first time training at Fort McCoy, and I enjoyed it," Thomas said. "The employees (at the CIF) were very helpful in providing a good training experience."

In early July, Capt. Felicia Day as well as 25 other Soldiers with the 77th Combat Support Sustainment Battalion of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, arrived as part of an advance team to participate in WAREX. She said the support the Fort McCoy staff gave her team helped them flow smoothly into operations.

Air Force security-forces Airmen participate in shoot-move-communicate training at Range 41 on Fort McCoy's North Post.
Air Force security-forces Airmen participate in shoot-move-
communicate training at Range 41 on Fort McCoy's North Post.

"From helping us get into our lodging, to getting dining facility support, to getting our equipment and helping us out in the field to set up at our tactical assembly area, the Fort McCoy staff was very supportive," Day said. "Having that kind of support makes doing this training easier and more (productive)."

Master Sgt. Steve Ask with the 126th Security Forces Squadron of Scott Air Force Base, Ill., trained with more than 80 other Air Force security-forces Airmen who were completing a shoot-move-communicate course at ranges on Fort McCoy's North Post in late July and early August. The training was in preparation for the Patriot Warrior exercise that also took place at Fort McCoy in August.

Ask said the support his team received from DPTMS Range Operations staff helped them succeed.

"The Range (personnel) here were really helpful in working with us to have the facilities we needed to hold this training," Ask said. "It's also nice to be able to come to a place like Fort McCoy and have this much space to do our training, too."

Meeusen said Fort McCoy staff members take pride in what they do to support everyone who trains at the installation.

"What comes to mind is great customer service," Meeusen said. "The people at this installation really understand their customers. ... That's why we have units coming back year after year to train."

For more information about training opportunity at Fort McCoy, call the DPTMS Training Coordination Branch at 608-388-8589.