Fort McCoy News Sept. 9, 2016

Forecast shows busy fall training schedule

Public Affairs Staff

On the heels of the July Warrior Exercise (WAREX) and August Combat Support Training Exercise (CSTX), the fall 2016 Fort McCoy training forecast indicates the installation will remain busy, said Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS) Training Coordination Branch Chief Craig Meeusen.

"We will continue to have a full schedule," Meeusen said. Several infantry battalions will participate in training, and many units will be coming through to do small-arms and other weapons-qualification training, he said.

The average weekly training population at the post ranged from 2,500 to nearly 12,000 people between May and August. For example, WAREX brought more than 6,800 service members to Fort McCoy and CSTX more than 11,000.

Marines with the 2nd Battalion, 24th Marine Infantry Regiment march in formation near the Fort McCoy garrison flagpole July 22.
Marines with the 2nd Battalion, 24th Marine Infantry Regiment march
in formation near the Fort McCoy garrison flagpole July 22.

While no large-scale exercises are planned through the remainder of the calendar year, Meeusen said weekend and extended combat-training activities will continue.

Army transportation, engineer, military police, medical, and other personnel will train as well as Navy, Marine, ROTC, and law-enforcement personnel.

"Oct. 1 is the start of a new training year for many military units, and that's often when these units want to get their marksmanship and qualification training done," Meeusen said. "Our ranges will be busy."

Training also will involve use of the Combined Arms Collective Training Facility as well as troop-facility support areas, such as barracks and dining facilities.

Meeusen said the Fort McCoy staff has handled the training load very well to this point.

"The garrison staff was very flexible and adaptable to changes that took place," he said. "That won't change as we continue to support the training events through the rest of the year."

DPTMS Training Division Chief Ed Carns said units also are working with Fort McCoy staff to plan cold-weather training for the winter months.

He said Fort McCoy training planners and support staff have been working with the Northern Warfare Training Center of Fort Wainwright, Alaska, to increase the cold-weather training capability. "There is an increased emphasis on cold-weather training (in the Army), and there will be further growth of that capability at Fort McCoy," Carns said.

To learn more about training opportunities at Fort McCoy or for more information, call the DPTMS Training Coordination Branch at 608-388-8589.