Fort McCoy News Aug. 26, 2016

Fort McCoy to observe National Preparedness Month

Disasters can occur at any time. It is imperative to properly plan and prepare for any type of hazard that may affect the community so that the Army can continue vital missions during and after a disaster takes place.

To promote a culture of preparedness within the community, Fort McCoy will be participating in National Preparedness Month (NPM) throughout September. The goal of NPM is to increase awareness and provide information to all Fort McCoy community members about the different ways in which disaster preparedness can be achieved.

The 2016 NPM theme is "Be Informed. Make a Plan. Build a Kit. Get Involved." Weekly themes will consist of further information on each topic:

National Preparedness Month graphic

• Ready Army program overview: Aug. 29-Sept. 2.

• Be Informed: Sept. 5-9.

• Make a Plan: Sept. 12-16.

• Build a Kit: Sept. 19-23.

• Get Involved: Sept. 26-30.

Throughout the month, informational displays will be set up at the Exchange, building 1538; McCoy's Community Center, building 1571; and South Post Housing Office, building 6158, to promote the Ready Army campaign, which is the Army's proactive community-awareness campaign that emphasizes the importance of preparedness.

The Ready Army website,, offers comprehensive information regarding the program and various tools available for Soldiers, their Families, and civilian employees to help with emergency planning. An example of how beneficial emergency planning can be is the Morgan Stanley Case Study conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. During the 1993 World Trade Center attack, it took the company approximately four hours to evacuate employees from the building. Following this event, Morgan Stanley created and implemented a disaster plan that was practiced regularly.

This planning paid off Sept. 11, 2001, when the World Trade Center was again attacked. Employees evacuated the structure three hours and 15 minutes faster than in the past, which provides evidence that both planning and practicing for disasters is crucial.

For more information about emergency planning, call Emergency Management Specialist Hope Dawson at 608-388-2763.

   (Article prepared by the Fort McCoy Emergency Management Office.)