Fort McCoy News July 8, 2016

DEERS updates create new ID requirements

The Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)/Defense Manpower Data Center has been updated, and new ID requirements are in place.

Acceptable identity documents now are limited to the Department of Defense list of federal identity documents. The list is available online at or through the Fort McCoy Personnel Services Branch ID Card/DEERS Section.

In most cases, identity documents can not be expired. Two valid, unexpired forms of ID are required for new Common Access Cards (CAC).

People replacing expired CACs should bring the expired ID card in addition to the two unexpired forms of ID.

Military members and dependents are exceptions and still may use expired CACs or dependent cards as secondary documents. The primary form of ID can not be expired.

For military dependents, the sponsor must be present, or a valid power-of-attorney document must be supplied. The sponsor also may sign the DD Form 1172-2 in advance, either in person or via the ID card office's online system at

Dependents who are 18 years or older now will need two valid forms of ID to be issued a dependent ID card. Anyone whose CAC has been lost, stolen, confiscated, or destroyed must have a counseling statement, a memorandum from a supervisor, or a police report and two valid forms of ID to obtain a new ID card.

If an ID card is confiscated by the police officers manning the gates on post, the notice they give out can not be used as a form of ID.

Military members who need to process divorces in DEERS no longer can complete the action at Fort McCoy if the spouse falls under the 20/20/15 or 20/20/20 rules. All required documents must be sent to the DEERS Project Office for determination. This process takes up to 45 days.

Also, the Fort McCoy DEERS section no longer can add deployment/mobilization orders to DEERS. The office can update other types of active-duty orders for military members.

For more information, call 608-388-4563 from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.