Fort McCoy News July 8, 2016

Input, volunteers sought for 2016 AFAP process

Army Community Service (ACS) is seeking volunteers and input for the fiscal year 2017 Fort McCoy Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Conference, which will be held Nov. 2-3.

AFAP is a three-prong program providing Soldiers (including retirees), Families, and Department of the Army (DA) civilian workers a voice in shaping their standards of living by identifying issues and concerns for Army Senior Leadership resolution.
Volunteers can be Soldiers, Family members, or civilian employees.

ACS tries to have a balanced representation of all three branches at the conference.

To volunteer, employees must contact their supervisors regarding dismissal from work centers.

Issues addressed through AFAP can be local or Armywide. When submitting an issue, check to see if it meets all nine required AFAP issue criteria:

• The issue scope is a minimum of three sentences.

• The issue scope is a maximum of 10 sentences.

• The issue is within the DA tasking authority to resolve.

• The issue identifies a single measurable end product.

• The issue identifies a specific demographic group affected.

• The issue has a maximum of one recommendation.

• The issue addresses one topic.

• The issue requires a single functional proponent for resolution.

• The issue recommendation does not duplicate existing programs, services, policies, or legislation introduced within the past three years, to the garrison's knowledge.

• The issue does not duplicate an active DA Headquarters AFAP issue or an issue that closed in the past three years.

Since its inception 30-plus years ago, 698 issues have entered the AFAP Executive Summary. Of those, 528 issues have been resolved, 160 have been classified as unattainable, and 10 issues are being worked by Army staff.

AFAP has been the driving force behind 129 pieces of legislation, 187 Department of Defense and Army policy changes, and 212 improved programs and services.

Armywide improvements made through the years include: increasing Servicemembers Group Life Insurance benefits, expanding covered temporary-lodging expenses, guaranteeing cost-of-living allowances for retirees, implementing TRICARE for Life for Medicare-eligible retirees, establishing a military Thrift Savings Plan, increasing military annual-leave carryover from 60 to 75 days, expanding Exceptional Family Member Program respite care, and expanding educational benefits for surviving spouses.

Local installation improvements include: updated road signage, construction of a skate park at South Post Family Housing, decreased wait times at installation food concessions, increased programming at Religious Support Office, traffic-safety improvements both in the cantonment area and at South Post, improvements to the weather-warning system, barracks renovations, improvements to installation fishing maps, and increased product selection at the Fort McCoy Commissary.

Forms for quality-of-life concerns and volunteer nominations can be obtained and submitted at ACS, building 2111, no later than Sept. 15.

Forms may also be obtained online at

For more information, call 608-388-2359.

   (Article prepared by Army Community Service.)